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5 Qualities of a PROSE Awards Winner

The PROSE Awards annually recognize outstanding works from the professional and scholarly community that provide groundbreaking research and insights to the arts, humanities and sciences. Winning a PROSE Award is a prestigious accomplishment that we’ve seen generate exposure for the winning publications and their publishers. Presented by the Association of American Publishers (AAP) Professional and Scholarly Publishing (PSP) Division, this year the PROSE Awards have:

  • five “best of” awards chosen from 59 book, reference, journal and e-product categories;
  • forty-five book subject categories for traditional print, electronic publications and print/electronic packages;
  • and six awards for electronic products, including electronic platforms and e-products with multiple components.

While PROSE Award winners come from a variety of fields across a wide span of topics, they share many of the same qualities. We asked PROSE Awards judges to share their thoughts on what makes a winner and why publishers, editors and authors should submit their work for consideration.

Beatrice Rehl, Publishing Director, Humanities and Social Sciences, Editorial Director, Cambridge University Press

The PROSE Awards are the publishing industry equivalent of the Academy Awards. They recognize great scholarship and sharp publishing acumen. The judges, all seasoned publishing professionals, bring their years of experience to the event, identifying those books that break new ground, open up new paths of research, are engagingly written, and are impeccably produced — beginning with copyediting and ending with the selection of paper and the quality of printing and binding. In a word (or a few), the PROSE Awards celebrate the highest standard of scholarly imagination and publishing creativity.

Ilene Kalish, Executive Editor, NYU Press

A winning book has scholarly rigor, well-crafted prose, and a compelling and unique story to tell. A winning book should be a page-turner. It should also be handsomely published. Whether electronic or in print form, the books should have exceptional quality. A great entry starts with a great book but also has compelling supporting information, like published reviews, and relevant information about the author.

Steve Chapman, Publisher, International & Professional Group, McGraw-Hill Education

Publishers, editors and authors should enter the PROSE Awards because the awards provide a great opportunity to raise the profile of their work. In academic and professional publishing some brilliant works aren’t fully recognized, due to both their specialized natures and the promotional limitations of specialty publishers. The PROSE Awards provide an alternative platform for recognition among the core audience for such works.

Submissions for the 2017 PROSE Awards are open until October 31. All AAP and Association of American University Presses (AAUP) members are encouraged to enter.