11:19 PM

AAP Files Comments on Mandatory Deposits

AAP recently filed comments with the Copyright Office on its proposal to expand its on-demand mandatory deposit Interim Rule to include online-only electronic books and sound recordings. Mandatory deposits for the Library of Congress were established by the Copyright Act, but previously excluded online-only electronic materials until the Copyright Office issued its Interim Rule in 2010 providing for on-demand mandatory deposits of online-only electronic “serials,” such as the scientific and academic journals published by AAP members.

Publishers support the Library’s efforts to develop its electronic collections but believe that, based on official reports and the Library’s own statements, expanding the Interim Rule to cover “electronic books” is premature.

The Government Accountability Office and the Library’s Office of the Inspector General have recently urged the Library to take key preliminary steps to modernize its IT security and clarify the goals of its electronic collections strategy. AAP is hopeful that the Copyright Office and the Library will work with publishers, among other private-public partnerships, to address key unresolved issues of security and use in connection with digital works in the Library’s collections.

AAP’s full submission is available here.