08:19 PM

AAP Files Comments on the Draft 2019-2020 Federal Data Strategy Action Plan

Last week, AAP filed comments on the Draft 2019-2020 Federal Data Strategy Action Plan in support of the Administration’s goal to “leverage the full value of Federal data for mission, service and the public good by guiding the Federal Government in practicing ethical governance, conscious design, and a learning culture”. AAP members value the Administration’s mission, but also recognize that copyrighted works are a body of data that may be mined and analyzed. Thus, AAP stresses the importance of maintaining protection of intellectual property rights while working towards the Federal Data Strategy Mission. Vice President of Public Policy Matt Barblan emphasized, “in implementing the Federal Data Strategy Action Plan, it is essential that federal agencies recognize and safeguard the intellectual property rights and proprietary interest of publishers (and other private parties) whose copyrighted content or proprietary assets find their way into the Federal Government’s hands”.

AAP asks that the Draft Action Plan clearly state that federal agencies implementing the Plan do so in a way that respects and safeguards intellectual property rights and interests, as required by the Open Government Data Act, which was enacted in January as part of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018. There are three concrete actions AAP suggests to effectuate the protection of those rights, found in the full comments here. Agencies can help ensure that the Federal Data Strategy Action Plan supports creativity, innovation, and economic growth without endangering the rights that are foundational to that growth. AAP looks forward to working with the Administration to ensure that the Federal Data Strategy continues to support creators and their works.