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Ellen Oh, author of “The Prophecy Series” and co-founder of We Need Diverse Books to speak at REVERE Awards Gala

REVERE Awards Finalists Announced

Washington, DC; May 4, 2015 – More than 60 awards will be handed out to a talented pool of creative resources that engage 21st century learners at this year’s REVERE (Recognizing Valuable Educational Resources) Awards Gala produced by the Association of American Publishers (AAP) PreK-12 Learning Group. With a strengthened focus on innovation and recognizing diverse educational materials for inside and outside the classroom, the 2015 REVERE Awards are representative of the current transformational education climate.

Ellen Oh will be a speaker at the gala on June 3 in Washington, DC. Oh is the author of a popular YA series (“The Prophecy Series” HarperCollins) as well as a co-founder of the organization We Need Diverse Books, dedicated to addressing the lack of diverse narratives in children’s literature.

The prestigious REVERE Awards continue the tradition of identifying and honoring excellence in educational products that support evolving trends in teaching and learning for PreK-12 students. It is the only program that recognizes learning resources in all media, for all ages, and covering a wide array of educational subject areas and learning environments. Entrants for the REVERE Awards came from many fields including educational, trade, and magazine publishers, ; museums, ; university affiliated programs, ; non-profits, ; membership associations, ; and game and app developers.

The competition is as comprehensive as it is rigorous with evaluations that subject entries to a multi-round judging process that includes more than 100 evaluators in the education and publishing industries. This year’s exciting finalists have been announced and present an impressive slate of learning resources across all educational settings. For a full list of finalists, click HERE.

The updated REVERE Awards program has key changes from previous years. Notably, the Golden Lamp Awards, previously an open-submission competition, are now the culmination of the REVERE Awards competitions. Golden Lamps will be awarded to the top product in five areas: Whole Curriculum, Supplemental Resources, Professional Resources, Magazines, and Beyond the Classroom.

“The Awards committee is pleased to see that the changes made to the structure of the 2015 REVERE Awards program have further strengthened the rigor and prestige of the competition. This has been borne out not only in the diversity of this year’s entries--which spanned a range of media, subject areas, audiences, and industries--but also in the quality of the 2015 finalists,” said REVERE Awards Judge and Awards committee chairperson, Eric Hamilton, Assistant Director, NCSLET Administration at the American Museum of Natural History.

Evaluation of the entries was done through in-person events and remote judging held throughout the winter and early spring. The key principles that drive the evaluation of the winners are quality content and design, audience engagement and appropriateness, usability and originality and effectiveness along with comments and recommendations given by judges.

The REVERE Awards categories:

  • Classroom: recognizes resources developed for formal educational instruction or training; categories include whole curriculum, supplemental resources and professional resources and span a range of educational subjects and topics. This year’s 80 plus Classroom finalists will compete for the top prize in one of 23 subject-area subcategories.
  • Beyond the Classroom: recognizes a wide range of resources used outside of formal education settings for personal study and enjoyment and may include books, games, and more; categories are learn, play, relate and innovate. The competition expanded in its second year with 26 finalists across its categories.
  • Magazines: recognizes newspapers, journals, blogs, podcasts, webcasts and other regularly published media; there are 12 categories that recognize the best of design and editorial content. This marks the first year that serial publications will be recognized in their own competition.
  • Integrated Marketing: recognizes education marketing product campaigns featuring multiple media channels. Finalists compete for top honors in one of three categories based on the campaign’s budget.


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