05:28 PM

Indiana University eText Initiative Featured in Inside Higher Ed

by Amanda Straub, Special Assistant for Policy, Higher Education

A recent Inside Higher Ed article, As Indiana U’s eTexts initiative grows, a textbook model emerges, highlights a new textbook distribution model as the go-to option for college students looking to save money and succeed in college. Since 2009, Indiana University has partnered with textbook publishers and learning companies to help more than 40,000 students save millions of dollars on course materials.

Developed by education companies and publishers, these innovative Digital Discount Programs (also known as Inclusive Access, Digital Direct Access, Enterprise Solutions) not only save students money on course materials, they ensure students have access to materials on the first day of class, a proven component to a successful college career.

With the evolution of technology, students and faculty are becoming more comfortable with digital course materials. Digital Discount Programs ensure students have portable materials that are easy to navigate, are environmentally friendly and help students focus on areas they need help by adapting to their learning styles.

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