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K-12 Educational Publishers Endorse Governor Brown’s Funding Proposal for Common Core Implementation

Washington, DC; May 16, 2013 — Calling it “a critical step forward in strengthening California’s support of its students,” the Association of American Publishers praised California Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal for $1 Billion in state funding to implement Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

The proposal, part of a revised state budget released May 14, would fund the instructional materials, new teacher training and technology necessary for California to put into action the higher standards in English language arts and mathematics for America’s K-12 students as outlined by CCSS.

“The US educational publishing community joins educators, the technology industry, parents and students in recognizing Governor Brown’s commitment to California’s young people with this initiative,” said Tom Allen, President and CEO, AAP. “As it does in many areas, California leads the nation with more than 6 million students in its public schools. The initiative will help provide them and their teachers with the necessary tools for success.”

Allen noted that while promising benefits for students in public education, the Standards also pose challenges. “To ensure that all US students can achieve the skills and knowledge goals defined by CCSS, states and school districts have to make new investments in materials, assessments, teacher training and education technology. Publishers have in place high-quality, proven learning resources, in print and digital platforms, to support this rigorous curriculum and to aid policy makers in meeting the CCSS demands.”

Released in 2010 by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, the CCSS for English language arts and mathematics mark a critical turning point in US education. A single set of educational standards were established for K-12 for states to voluntarily adopt, promoting equity among all US public school students.

Governor Brown proposed an increase of $1 Billion in state funds in fiscal 2012-13 from Proposition 98, California's school funding guarantee. It designated that funding be distributed to local education agencies on the basis of average daily attendance (ADA). Because schools are in varying stages of implementing the Common Core, these local agencies will have discretion to determine the best use of this money but must develop a spending plan over the next two years.


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