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Lamplighter Honorees Announced during Content in Context Opening Session

The honorees are pioneers in helping to meet the 21st century needs of learners in a transformational education environment.
Jay Diskey, Executive Director of the PreK-12 Learning Group.

Washington, DC; June 11, 2015 – Six industry leaders in the educational publishing space have been named 2015 Lamplighter Honorees during opening remarks given by Association of American Publishers (AAP) President and CEO, Tom Allen, at the Content in Context conference (CIC). Allen lauded the honorees for their commitment to creating learning materials for children in innovative and effective ways, thus advancing the educational skills of today’s youth.

The Lamplighter Honors is an annual event from AAP’s PreK-12 Learning Group celebrating extraordinary accomplishments in the field of high-quality learning and teaching resources. Awards are given in four categories including Hall of Fame, Visionary Award, Member of the Year, and the Ambassador Award. The awards will be given to winners at the Lamplighter Honors Gala on the evening of Monday, December 7at the Russian Tea Room in New York City.

The 2015 Lamplighter Honorees:

Hall of Fame: The prestigious Hall of Fame award was established in 1996 to honor the lifetime achievements of individuals that have developed resources and materials with a positive impact on teaching and learning.

Visionary Award: The Visionary Awards were established in 2013 to recognize professionals who are making a significant impact within the learning resource community.

Ambassador Award: The Ambassador Award winners were chosen for their ability to establish and maintain strong relationships throughout the learning resource community.

Member of the Year: The Member of the Year Award was established in 2001 to recognize the contributions of members for their high level of engagement and tremendous support within the PreK-12 education community.

“We chose the Lamplighter honorees because of their leadership, dedication, foresight and engagement within the educational resource community. The Lamplighter Honors recognize the hard work and commitment that goes into developing cutting-edge learning materials and methodologies. The honorees are pioneers in helping to meet the 21st century needs of learners in a transformational education environment,” said Jay Diskey, Executive Director, AAP PreK-12 Learning Group.

If you are interested in attending The Lamplighter Honors Gala, please contact Stacey Pusey at spusey@publishers.org or {267} 351-4331.


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