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Nation’s Largest Latino Book Club Announces Spring Titles

Free Online Group Spans 20 Cities, 1500 Members; Poetry Added to Other Titles

New York, NY; April 1, 2013 — The Las Comadres & Friends National Latino Book Club, the largest group of its kind in the US offering free membership and a strong web community across the country, has announced its three selections for the Spring “Conversations with Las Comadres” book club meetings. This year, in addition to its popular annual “Dude Month” celebrating men’s writing, the organization has added a “Poetry Month” examining the works of Latina and Latino poets.


The 1500 members of the group — a figure which has grown 200 members since last year — participate in discussions and author conversations through teleconferences, social media and monthly local events in the 20 cities.

The new titles are:

April (Dia de los Ninos Month)

Featured book: Man Up: Cracking the Code of Modern Manhood by Carlos Andrés Gómes (Penguin/Gotham)

Additional conversation with Monica Brown, Tito Puente, Mambo King/Rey del Mambo (Rayo/HarperCollins Publishers)

Teleconference: Monday, April 29

May (Poetry Month)

Featured Book: Rebozos by Carmen Tafolla (Wings Press)

Additional conversations with Raina J. Leon, Boogeyman Dawn (Salmon Poetry); Laurie Ann Guerrero, A Tongue in the Mouth of the Dying(University of Notre Dame Press); Liliana Valenzuela, Codex of Journeys: Bendito Camino (Mouthfeel Press)

Teleconference: Monday, May 20

June (Dude Month)

Featured Book: The Five Acts of Diego Leon by Alex Espinoza (Random House)

Additional conversations with Rigoberto Gonzalez, Red-Inked Retablos(University of Arizona Press)

Teleconference: Monday, June 24

Las Comadres & Friends National Latino Book Club is a partnership between Las Comadres, the national women’s organization, and the Association of American Publishers, with a shared mission to promote reading of Latino authors and to raise their visibility. Membership is open to all, free of charge.

“To recognize and celebrate Día de los Niños we’ve selected young adult and children’s books in April. And the impressive number of poetry submissions we’ve received encouraged us to designate May as our first-ever Poetry Month,” said Dr. Nora de Hoyos Comstock, President and CEO, Las Comadres.

She added, “Once again, we’re hosting our annual Dude Month in June. Although we are primarily a Latina book club, we value the contributions of our Latino authors and want to support our compadres.”

Registration and details on future dates are at Las Comadres. Listen to archives of past Book Club teleconferences.

Established in 2008 to promote and support the work of Latino authors with readers and bookstores, the Las Comadres & Friends National Latino Book Club is now active in 20 cities representing 11 states. Association of American Publishers member organizations collaborate with Las Comadres as part of AAP’s Publishing Latino Voices for America Task Force.

About Las Comadres

Las Comadres was launched in Austin in 2000 and has grown to include members in 100 cities in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Washington DC, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island and Texas. Its 15,000 members stay connected and build community through social media, teleconferences and local monthly events. Its debut 2012 Comadres and Compadres Writers Conference offered insider-knowledge on navigating the publishing industry and access to editors and agents to pitch story ideas.


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