11:39 PM

Online Piracy of Academic Materials Extends to Scholarly Books

Publishing is a diverse landscape that relies on both commercial and non-for-profit publishers to support science and scholarship. Many journals are published by not-for-profit organizations (including scholarly societies, university presses, and open-access-only organizations.) Sci-Hub engages in an illegal activity and in the process is endangering the sustainability of producing vetted, reliable scholarly material.

Sci-Hub’s methods are not benign; they include illegally accessing the secure computer networks of a large number of major universities by, among other methods, hijacking “proxy” credentials used to facilitate off campus remote access to university computer systems and databases. These intrusions compromise the security of colleges, universities, database owners and individuals’ personal computers.

Learn more about how Sci-Hub is harming more than just publishers in the article, which appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education.