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PreK-12 2016 Ed Tech Standards Update

The landscape of technical standards in the PreK-12 learning community is vast, detailed and covers multiple areas with a bevy of choices on which technical standards are most critical for their particular product offerings. But, adopting the correct technical standards for learning materials used in schools and by school districts is important to ensuring quality content that is easy to use for students and teachers. The 2016 Ed Tech Standards Update created by AAP’s PreK-12 Learning Group is a resource for the most current information on technical standards that are prominent in the PreK-12 education market.

The report was generated from presentations given by representatives from key standards initiatives during the PreK-12 Learning Group’s Ed Tech Forum held at the annual Content in Context (CIC) conference this past June.

Standards covered within the report:

  • Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) was written by Jim Goodell, Quality Information Partners (link)
  • Access 4 Learning Community (A4L) was written by Dr. Larry Fruth II, Access 4 Learning Community (link)
  • Experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI) –was written by Jonathan Poltrack, ADL (link)
  • Learning Resources Management Initiative (LMRI) was written by Stuart Sutton, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (link)
  • IMS Interoperability Standards – Global Learning Consortium was written by Chris Chung, IMS Global Learning Consortium (link)
  • National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) was written by Nicole Gaines of the American Printing House for the Blind (link)

Other contributors include Myron Cizdyn, President and Founder of The BLPS Group and BLPS Content Connections, Terence Fitzgerald, Director of Metadata Strategy at McGraw-Hill Education, Neal Goff, President of Egremont Associates LLC, Michael Jay, President of Educational Systemics, Shelby Marshall, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Product Solutions at FableVision, Paula Maylahn, Consultant at Paula Maylahn Consulting and Thor Prichard, President and CEO of Clarity Innovations, Inc.

The report is available for download in the multimedia for download section of the AAP Newsroom.