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Professional and Scholarly Publishers Endorse British Library Framework for Global Document Delivery Service

The Executive Council of the PSP Division of AAP has endorsed a new cross-border licensed document delivery service for educational uses developed by the British Library

New York, NY and London, England; December 1, 2011 — The Executive Council of the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division (PSP), Association of American Publishers (AAP), has endorsed a new cross-border licensed document delivery service for educational uses developed by the British Library, it was announced today by both organizations.

Launching January 1, 2012, the International Non-Commercial Document Supply Service (INCD) represents a three-way agreement between the British Library, publishers who choose to contract with the service and qualifying, authorized not-for-profit libraries. The framework will enable these publishers and libraries to cooperatively provide copyrighted journal articles to the libraries’ users, such as students, faculty and researchers, for non-commercial research or private study.

“We are in the midst of rapid technological change that is challenging many established protocols while opening up many exciting possibilities, and U.S. publishers are exploring many new models for delivering greater resources to professionals and scholars worldwide,” said John Tagler, Executive Director, PSP Division, AAP. “INCD is an example of the British Library’s responding to the needs of the research community while providing publishers with a voice in how these demands are met. We encourage our publisher members to consider participating in this new and innovative opportunity.”

“For 50 years, the British Library Document Supply Service has supported publishers in making their content accessible to audiences they have traditionally found it more difficult to reach,” said Barry Smith, Head of Commercial Services at the British Library. “We believe that INCD will help us redefine our service proposition to researchers in the digital age and we are very pleased to receive the support of such respected bodies as PSP and AAP.”

The INCD agreement was developed by the British Library in cooperation with the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) and the U.K. Publishers Association (PA). Articles will be available at a fee below the normal commercial rate and accessible globally on a rapid basis. The British Library will monitor, maintain compliance for and govern the supply of journal article copies licensed by end users globally. The agreement specifies an annual cap in the number of items: nine articles from a journal’s annual volume(s) or nine items published in the same book or work — that may be delivered to the same institution. This new service is distinct from publishers’ and the British Library’s commercial document delivery activities.

Publishers interested in more information should contact John Tagler, AAP, jtagler@publishers.org and/or Matthew Bailey, Licensing Manager, The British Library, matthew.bailey@bl.uk

Libraries interested in more information should contact the British Library’s Document Supply Customer Services, customer-services@bl.uk

About PSP and AAP

Members of the Association of American Publishers’ Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division (PSP) publish, in print and electronic form, the vast majority of materials produced and used by scholars and professionals worldwide in science, medicine, technology, business, law and the humanities. Division members produce books, journals, computer software, databases and digital content. Its membership encompasses commercial publishing companies, professional societies and university presses.

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About the British Library

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