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REVERE Awards 2016 Golden Lamp Winners on Creating Winning Resources

Throughout their over 50-year history, the AAP PreK-12 Learning Group REVERE Awards have always had a singular focus: quality content for teaching and learning. Whether print or digital, created by a non-profit or commercial publishers, our goal has been to honor materials that help all students receive a world class education. In order to find out more about what goes into creating a winning product, we interviewed 2016 Golden Lamp Winners for insights into their development process.

First, we asked what the impetus was for their winning resource. Here’s what they shared:

“There was a need in the market for a comprehensive program that effectively combined both assessment and instruction to drive measurable gains for students. With i-Ready, we are able to provide schools and districts with a single, best-in-class solution that saves teachers time and helps improve student outcomes. Our highly-reliable adaptive assessment has been validated through extensive third party research and leads directly to differentiated student instruction. The powerful reporting functionality of the program helps teachers further personalize the learning experience and support a blended learning environment.”

Curriculum Associates, i-Ready® Diagnostic & Instruction, Golden Lamp winner in Supplemental Resources

“The first issue of Scholastic Art was published in 1970 (originally called Art & Man). The first editor wrote in the first Teacher’s Guide that the magazine is ‘more than an art program . . . we aim to give you a strong foundation for further discussion and study.’ This remains true today. The art classroom is a place where students should be inspired and should have the opportunity to develop lifelong skills for success in today’s visual culture. Our goal is for Scholastic Art to provide the tools students need to do so.”

Scholastic Inc., Scholastic Art, Golden Lamp winner in Magazines

“I was searching online for a ‘quick-read’ resource for PreK-12 teachers that focused on special needs in a classroom setting, but couldn’t find one. I asked a few teachers I know if they thought such a resource would be helpful, and they all said yes. I thought the factsheets would be an excellent supplement to the hundreds of free pediatrician-reviewed PreK-12 lesson plans we offer at KidsHealth in the Classroom.”

KidsHealth.org - The Nemours Foundation, Special Needs Factsheets for Teachers, Golden Lamp winner in Professional Resources

“I saw a need to create resources, in response to pedagogical challenges, that evolve the way we teach to best meet the diverse needs of learners and even-up opportunities for learning. In my experience, reluctant and passive learners, presented with the right content, find something within them emerges (in the case of these books it is the scientist within). This helps them become engaged in learning. An early foundation for learning that is strong and confidence-giving is essential.”

Lanky Hippo Publishing Ltd, Living Things: Sorting Animals, Golden Lamp winner in Beyond the Classroom

“FOSS Next Generation leverages a proven active investigation-centered instructional design to engage students in exploring core ideas and phenomena through the use of science and engineering practices. The design and pedagogy of the FOSS program is inherently well-aligned to the Framework for K-12 Science Education and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), but the team at Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) knew that the major paradigm-shift of the NGSS at a national level would necessitate additional support resources, especially for those educators who are new to hands-on science. This need, along with subtle shifts in content between grades, was the primary driver in the development of the Next Generation edition of FOSS.”

Delta Education, FOSS Next Generation, Golden Lamp winner in Whole Curriculum