10:45 PM

Statement from publisher plaintiffs re: today’s Google books digitization class action suit status conference

Washington, D.C.; June 1, 2011 — The following statement was issued today on behalf of the publisher plaintiffs in the class action suit against Google concerning its planned digitization of books. The statement is in response to the status conference on the suit held today by Judge Denny Chin, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, following Judge Chin’s rejection on March 22 of the Settlement Agreement reached among the parties.

The publisher plaintiffs are The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.; Pearson Education, Inc.; Penguin Group (USA) Inc.; Simon & Schuster, Inc.; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; Association of American Publishers, Inc.; Harlequin Enterprises Limited; Macmillan Publishers Limited; Melbourne University Publishing Limited; and The Text Publishing Company.

The statement is provided by Tom Allen, President and Chief Executive Officer, Association of American Publishers, Inc. (AAP):

“Since Judge Chin’s rejection of the negotiated Settlement Agreement on March 22, the parties have held conversations to determine if a revised agreement is possible that would meet the Court’s objections. Those conversations are ongoing and if not successful, the litigation will resume in order to protect the intellectual property rights of authors and publishers.”

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